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What is

We are new! We are quickly becoming a comprehensive virtual trade show site created for specific industries - where we provide a dynamic opportunity for vendors to have low cost advertising, a industry specific search engine, an industry message board, new product and news service, and industry exposure.

A site where visitors quickly and cost effectively gather information about products and vendors within their focus industry.

What industries will have representation on the site?

We began with the Parking industry and are adding other industry listings.  Some of those listings are Mobile Computing, Home Improvement, Baby Products, Classic Cars, and Ceramics.

All sites are under construction but is complete with links to more than 300 vendor web sites. New vendor listings are being added daily. 

Your company may already be listed.

What does this do for the Vendor?

Vendors need all the customer exposure they can get. Sometimes, a search on an existing search engines just can't find a product or service. We believe that our industry specific site will give these users a starting point and direct them directly to your site.

Who pays for the service?

For now the service is entirely FREE! and it will remain free for the visitors.

In the near future, the vendors will be charged for the $300.00 per year for the all services listed.

Some vendors have already opted to begin their subscription.  This gives them top billing in the Product Categories they are listed in.

We are now proving the value of the service to the vendors and will contact each vendor directly.

The focused exposure via this service will increase the visitors to the vendor’s web sites.

Are there other services offered?

Yes, focused e-mail services for product announcements, a new product and services showcase and other services are offered.

We presently have 6,700 parking industry email addresses and the number is increasing every day.  We currently email 3 to 5 times per month.

How about Door Prizes and Freebies?

Yes, and Yes. Vendors are now sponsoring door prizes and freebies. As the visitor registers and later visits the site, he or she is entered into the monthly Door Prize drawing.  

Presently, the monthly Door Prize at is a 1,000 minute prepaid long distance phone card. Please visit and register. The drawing is open to almost everyone in the industry.

Any vendor may sponsor the monthly door prize for $90.00. If you like to give something away, we will be happy to put it in the “freebie” section.

We saved the best for near the last.

Each time a visitor clicks on your site from ours, we send you an email message with the Visitor’s Name, Organization, and email address

You will get this “What’s Important Now” message while the visitor is still on your site!


If you are already listed, we will check your registration and give you the opportunity to change anything on the site.

If your are not listed, visit us and we will register your site “on the spot”.

If you don’t have time during the show or just too busy to make it over, you may click on vendor registration on the site and select “new” (even if you are already listed).  You will be given a form to fill out including company information, and product categories. 

If you want to change the “billboard description” or the logo, please send an email to

If you need more information please call us at (303)759-4276.

Thanks for your time!

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