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From: Steve Brooks  
Subject: Metro Expo Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:05 PM
I've attended several of these forums. All of them were very informative.

*** This one was the best ***

Dr. Shoup's talk struck home. Price your parking so that you will acheive 85% occupancy. Stop the searching for an on-street space. I'm sure that this will increase turnover, sales, sales tax, and customer satisfaction.

Robin Blair sure kept everything moving. Clancy's cell phone solution was extremely informative. POMs meter integration of smart card payments eliminating the credit cards and cash - interesting. Park-by-Phone, cool. BART's programs - great - customer service at a price. U-Park It automated garage presentation - interesting. L.A.'s parking master plan - eye opening.

Questions, Answers, Comments, Discussion, Smiles... This one had everything - even a good lunch.