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Subject: I am boss, I have a sincere secretary now. Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:06 PM

Have you ever rushed out of the office to feed your parking meter and find the meter is going to expire in a few minutes? “What a good luck.” You feed the meter immediately and take a deep breath. No one like to meet such situation.
Have you ever think of a secretary to remind you and ease nervers. Yes, I want to employ one. Now from Horoad Parking meter will surprise you. You are going to have a parking meter secretary!!!!

In Shenzhen, China, Horoad falks are trying out a new meter that will alert you via mobile phone by SMS. Then you can either sprint downstairs to buy more time with coins or credit card, or, from the comforts of your office chair, send an electronic payment.
No matter where you are, you will receive a message like that:”Dear, your parking time is going to expire….”

The care is from your personal secretary----a solar-powered meter standing on the street. You can feel more relax at anywhere. Cheers for our conscientious parking meter.