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From: Franklin Hartsburg  
Subject: Cell phone parking question. Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:06 PM
I originally signed up as a member for "MINT" in Coral Gables, Florida. I loved the convenience of using my cell phone rather than fighting the meters and the quarters. Mint had problems and the city replaced them with Park-by-Phone.

Some of the problems we experienced. You had to make two calls, one to start the "timer" and one to stop it. This was OK but my concern wasn't the money savings (it could only be a few cents) but that my charges wouldn't run on and on. My card was charged each time I used the system. This put several additional small charges on my card statement each month. The service fees at 50 cents per transaction (as I remember) bothered me. Mint's customer service wasn't good.

I signed up with Park by phone when they took over. They charged a one time fee of $5.95 and sent me identification hang tag. I use the service now and buy the amount of time I need - just like putting money in the meter. If I'm running late, I can call again and add time to the meter. I receive one charge at the beginning of the month with a statement of my usage. Don't know about park by phone's customer service - I never had a reason to call.

Between the two services, park by phone is much better for this customer.

Hope this helps,