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From: Don Norte  
Subject: Aren't Facts Checked?Cash Key Meters Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:07 PM
I love IPI’s annual conference and tradeshow and even presented several sessions over the years. I’ve never submitted an article, but I read your recent newsletter and found an inaccuracy worth bringing to your attention.

The people of Coral Gables are in fact one step above others in some forms of meter technology, but they were NOT the first City in the US to implement a Cashkey program.

In all fairness there was one city outside Chicago that was the first, Downers Grove, IL who did a test project in 2004.

West Hollywood was THE first city in the nation to implement an entire turnover of its inventory, from mechanical to electronic meters. We changed over all 2100 parking meters between December 2004 and April 1995.

Our first cash key was sold on January 18, 2005.

We were covered in every popular national and local newspaper, magazines and television shows. One that particularly stands out is the March 13, 2005 issue of Newsweek Magazine.

Our program is one of the cities others see at as a model. West Hollywood’s coin less meter revenue alone has topped $100,000 since FY 03/04 due to the Cashkey. We have approximately 5,000 keys presently in circulation in our City of 1.9 square miles and 36,000 residents.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Since its incorporation in 1984 West Hollywood has been known for good reason as the “creative city. As a 15 year employee of West Hollywood, and a current member of the board of directors of the California Public Parking Association, I’m extremely proud to participate in a government environment that never stops seeking new and better ways of providing services and ideas to for its community and staff with healthy doses of idealism, innovation and creativity.

Don Norte
Parking Services & Development Officer

City of West Hollywood