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From: steve micciche  
Subject: Go-4 Interceptors Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:07 PM
For a number of years the City of Orlando powered its fleet for Enforcement use with Cushmans. I need not tell you that before they got out of the market, it was near impossible to secure replacement parts.

After an exhaustive review, the City purchased Go-4 Interceptors last year.

The company is from Canada and their Florida distributor is about three hours away from Orlando. Within a few months we started to experience, with frequency, that the belts were breaking. For the past three weeks our Fleet Management Division has grounded the fleet due to safety reasons that the front forks need replacement. Apparently there is a manufacturing deficiency as the distributor has indicated a number of his clients were awaiting the fork parts.

Neither the distributor nor the manufacturing company has been able to ship the necessary parts in order to put the vehicles back in service. This severly hampers our efforts to do our job.

If you are looking to replace your vehicles, I would consider the stability record of the vehicle, the customer service you may receive after the sale, and where the manufacture is. A word to the wise should be sufficient.