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From: Kerry  
Subject: In-car Meters Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:08 PM
I'm new to parking and don't think I'm stupid but this idea seems stupid to me!!! I do everything I can with my cell and just love the idea of pay by cell. Where do I get more info? I'll digest it and make my own decision and not be swayed by smoke and mirrors!!!

Next, If I understand correctly, this product is made off shore? If that is so, I would like to know how popular it is in it's country of orgin?

Do we need to contribute to the trade defict by IMPORTING yet another (silly) item? Don't we send enough money overseas? I think we should buy American whenever we can.

By the way, I solicited opinions from a few of my peers. They all agree. Get off the pot, get back to work, help make your parking systems more productive through hands on management and sound judgement. After all, we are not playing with our own money but with funds entrusted to us by entities that expect us to be realistic.

Have a wonderful parking day,