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From: Kevin  
Subject: In Car meters Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:08 PM
I have been reading with interest and have a question. Who says in car meters are the preferred method of frequent users? Why in the name of Santa would anyone want to carry around an in car meter? Why add that to your cell phone, pda and computer. Besides it really is too big to be a necklace.

In my opinion this is old technology and a step backwards in parking. For years . . . YEARS AND YEARS . . . someone has tried and tried to sell this technology. I fail to see success in this product. If I remember correctly . .. several years past, one of the established meter companies put their vast resources to work in a failed attempt to promote this technology.

To make unwarranted negative claims about cell technology smacks of sour grapes to me. I agree with the other guy. . . . graphs and studies and data don't mean a thing if cities and motorists don't accept the comcept!! These things have been available for ten years . . . why aren't they in wide use?

Sorry to burst your bubble but facts are facts but reality is truth!!! One only has to look around to see the reality!