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From: Stan Wolfson (pres. of Clancy)  
Subject: Clancy's Park-by-phone and Gandis Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:09 PM
I've really done quite a study and got '' this close to building a building a multi-jurisdictional service with the in-car meters.

Didn't and I'll explain why.

1) is the investment. Someone has to purchase the equipment and capitalize the hardware.

2) the distribution. Somehow the equipment and the smart cards must be distributed, deposits collected and smart card deposits tracked.

3) hardware maintenace. We looked closely at the hardware and found it to be designed and produced to exacting standards. The Ganis in-car meters, in our opinion, are build very well. That being said, any hardware can fail, it could end up on the ground and be driven over. The failed equipment would have to be replaced and even repaired.

4) recharging or replacing the smart cards. This function is also a logistical problem and could require additional personnel or at least add to the tasks of existing personnel.

I could go on.

Initial sign-up of customers is sort of the same problem. A customer must be known to the system in order to use either service. With park-by-phone, the customer may sign up over the phone or on the web and can start using the system at once.

Distribution problems are minimized or eliminated because there is no hardware. No meter and no smart card.

Customer doesn't have to lease any equipment, make any deposits, or recharge a smart card.

The City or parking operator doesn't make an investment and the net revenue passes through.

Another customer advantage is that the Park-by-phone membership is usable in many locations (more coming on-line) so it's good for business travelers. A monthly statement itemizes transactions and the customer is billed only for usage.

By the way, the Ganis and Park-by-Phone are not mutually exclusive. If the Ganis system is good for a particular group, maybe others would use Park-by-Phone. We've installed Park-by-Phone on multi-space meter controlled lots, on individual meters, and where parking is controlled by signage. Park-by-phone is just an option - as is Ganis.

If you need any further information, please call 303-759-4276.