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From: John Shedleski  
Subject: Over height vehicle protection at EXPO 1000 Tampa 3/11 Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:10 PM
I will be attending the EXPO1000 conference in Tampa on 3/11/04 and invite anyone with interest in the latest over height vehicle detection equipment to stop by and introduce themselves.
ASTI’s Safety Pass operates by broken beam technology. The basic components are an Infrared sender and receiver that see one another at exactly the height of the tallest allowable vehicle. If the sender/receiver’s view is blocked strobe lights are lit on a sign warning motorists to turn back.
We will be setting up a demonstration unit on a local parking garage in Tampa with I encourage you to visit. I will be glad to discuss in detail any job specific questions you may have.
Now if you say “I have a piece of PVC pipe on two chains that give me all the over height protection I need” just remember my product when the pipe is banging down the roof of that $50,000 SUV full of lawyers.
If you would like literature or will not be attending EXPO 1000 feel free to call or email to receive a literature package in the mail.
Our basic package can be set up by any electrician and costs around $2700.00

Regards John

John Shedleski
ASTI Transportation Systems