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From: Bob Fulcher - MITI Manufacturing  
Subject: Booting on Private Lots Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:10 PM
Here are a few tips gained from our experience in the industry, when and where no specific ordinance for or against booting exists. Prior to assuming you are ok with booting vehicles on your lots, when no ordinance exists, you should first check in with both the City or County Court House and the local Police or Sheriff's Department to discuss with them your intentions and to gain their approval or blessings, and as they will be receiving calls from booted parties. This will provide the agencies a chance to review and comment on your planned activities and possibly save yourself a lot of grief. Be sure to have a written immobilization policy in hand along with how you will post signage and implement your policies. Be sure to include in your policy and practices a means by which the booted parties can contact you and make application for fair review for possible reduction of fee and/or dismissal. Maintain fair practices in booting policy at all times and be courteous.