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From: Karl The Skeptic  
Subject: electronic Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:11 PM
I see that those folks with something to gain are always willing to help answer a question about parking equipment. It is my opinion that all this stuff is about the same!! Some just has slightly different BELLS AND WHISTLES, (which you will buy whether you want them or not) If you want to learn something about a certain company, just ask a few users. This is simple! You should find these people yourself though because no one is going to give your bad references of their own product. They are really all about the same. Here is the key. If you buy, ask the manufacturer to PUT IN WRITING exactly how their particular product is going to function. Then ask them to PUT IN WRITING how they will refund your money if the product in question does not perform to their own specifications! This will be fun and informative. In addition, it will keep you from becoming a beta site at your expense rather than theirs.

Here's another idea. Ask for a pilot. But remember to be fair. No one wants to install a pilot simply for the sake of doing so. If you install a pilot, you must agree to a plan of action in advance, based on the outcome of the pilot. Remember to define the parameters of the pilot criteria. In other words, what equals success as opposed to failure?

This is not to infer that someone would purposefully mislead a customer. It only means that if a manufacturer is secure in their product reliability, and willing to back it up by putting their claims and remedies n writing, along with a REAL refund or TIME LINED action policy, this would be a display of commitment.

A word of caution. If you see some instant sidestepping, then move on to the next guy, and even the next if need be.

As a city official, doesn't one have an obligation to the taxpayers whose money is being spent. Aren't city employees expected to guard city funds in the same manner in which we would guard our own?

If you saved your money and bought a new snowblower for your personal property, and it failed to function as promised, would you want your money back? Would you want it repaired before July?

Think about it, do your homework, learn something in the process and remember just one simple phrase: BUYER BEWARE!