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From: Administrator  
Subject: regarding: IPI question Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:11 PM

Thanks for starting this discussion. I hope that our users can help with your questions.

I'll try:

  • the trade show didn't see a lot of traffic, but the folks that attended spent more quality time and the vendors (IMO) had good results
  • Vault Technologies, Inc. entered this business with a splash - their booth was very nice, their equipment looked good - check them out!
  • Rotary Lift (also new this year) brought a nice lift - parks 2 vehicles in one space - see them and SpaceSaver
  • Clancy Systems demonstrated their new system that scans hand written parking violations and sends the data (like keypunch) and the image back to the client - very cool!
  • Pacific Cascade showed a removable sign post thingee - a steel plate is epoxied to the asphalt or concrete - strong magnets attach the sign post - can't be knocked over or pulled up - with a special tool the sign post can be easily removed - voted by me BEST NEW PRODUCT IN SHOW
  • Perceptics demonstrated LPR - it sure has come a long way - with the additional security we are all called upon to provide, this has lots of applications
  • Dorado Products demonstrated new hardware and software for your garages
  • Technology in Parking of Southern California introduced us to a broad range of technology solutions in parking - check TIM out
I'll try to get more information posted soon.