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Subject: Re: Parking Enforcement Vehicles Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:14 PM
I will echo Kaye, and tell you it will depend on your specific climate.
I am in Milwaukee WI, and our temperatures range from 20* below zero to 100* above. Our vehicles have to provide both heat and AC, as well as be able to manuveur in snow, ice, rain, rainy ice, icy rain, and my particular favorite, thunder snows.

We currently used Modified Jeep Wranglers. They have been converted to right hand drive. They have on demand four wheel drive. The current heat configuration doesn't please me, as I don't have heat to the feet.

I started out in the old AM General jeep type vehicle with two sliding doors. That was a very functional vehicle for our job tasks, and I wish we could have the sturdiness of the Wrangler packaged with the versatility of sliding doors.

I have seen the scooters in use in Seattle, WA. I do not know the brand, but I assume they were GO-4's. They were in use in heavy traffic, and seemed to function fine in the crowded streets. If the right one comes my way, I would want it for use in our downtown area, but for my far-flung assignments, I would rather have my officers in the Jeeps from a safety stand point.

In LA, I saw them using regular compacts autos. LA does not have the snow factor, so they are able to use more cost effective vehicles.