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From: Thomas Keeley  
Subject: Mobile License Plate Reading Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:14 PM
In response to your inquiry: Our company, AutoVu Technologies Inc. is the only company to currently offer a MLPR system. Our technology is patented and proven. We have sold units in Salt Lake City, Seattle, North Vancouver. We have several other city sites that are currently moving forward with purchase approval. Our product, AutoFind, provides you the ability to enforce time limit zones in a more effective and efficient manner while increasing overall revenues. In addition, our system is capable of instantly matching your data base of scofflaw vehicles. Typically our system will read up to 1000 plates per hour. We have several strong testimonials from mayor cities in the US. Please take a look at our web sit: for additional information and to view a video of our system. If you wish to reach me directly you may contact me at 1 888 264 0746 or via email at

Best regards,