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From: Chad  
Subject: Be Virus Aware Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:16 PM
It seems like every day an email comes in with an attachment. I am sure most of you have opened or know someone who has opened an attachment that has turned out to be a virus. The way I figure it, you can play Russian roulet with your computer and possibly your company, or you can spend a minute or two researhing the attachment before you open it. I blow the cover of about three or four viruses a month by following these simple steps. I check the subject and body for keywords of thousands of known viruses at the norton anti-virus website:
If it is not found, I simply call the person who sent it and ask what it is. If it is a joke page, or some neat little animated file, don't open it, just delete it. It is not worth taking the chance. Finally, if the email attachment comes from someone I don't know, and I can't verify it's contents, then simply just delete it and move on.
I am on the Expo1000 mailing list and I enjoy the fact they don't send out email to me with attachments.