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From: Kaye S. Beechum  
Subject: Re: Street sweeping restrictions Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:17 PM
There are pros and cons both ways. It has ben my experience that enforcing the sign as posted avoids the perception of 'selective enforcement'. In other words every car that parks during the posted times is subject to being cited. This is a bit easier for the Enforcement Officer because when there are a lot of vehicles parked in the street sweeping zones it is difficult to keep up with the sweeper and once you lose sight of it it becomes difficult to know which cars were parked in the path and which pulled in immediately after the sweeper passed.
On the other hand when parking spaces are at a premium some cities choose to enforce by the method of following the sweeper and then allow vehicles to park because parking is so difficult to find.
You need to analyze the needs of your city and the importance of thorough enforcement as well as the need to educate the public to the importance of posted signs.
The most mportant thing to remember is to develop a policy and to be consistent. All officers must enforce the same way or you will have more problems.
Hope this helps.