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From: Kaye S. Beechum  
Subject: Re: Re: Handicap Parking Abuse Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:17 PM
California has laws to address abuse and misuse of disabled license plates and placards. Parking Enforcement Officers as well as Police Officers have the authority to enforce them, it is however a bit difficult and time consuming. One must see the driver leave the vehicle or wait until the driver returns to verify if he/she is the person to whom the placard or plate belongs. People who are issued placards and/or plates are also issued an ID Card. In certain instances Offficers can confiscate the placard. Some cities have developed a disabled abuse task force to deal with such problems.
The California Public Parking Association is looking into further refining of disabled laws to address the unlimited free parking issue as this is what encourages the abuse such as mentioned in the LAX problem.