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From: Billy Miller  
Subject: Re: Hand held devices Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:18 PM

My name is Billy Miller, and I am the Enforcement Manager for the City of Dallas, Parking Enforcement Section.

I would recommend that you actually field test several hand held ticket writers before deciding which is best for your operation. I can attest to the fact that the computerized hand held ticket writing system is the way to go and that it can supply you with tools that will help you in running a more efficient operation. You can easily access reports that will help you with the efficiency of enforcement personnel as well as administrative needs.

Frequent questions arise from Division Managers, Directors and City Council Members about specific numbers or enforcement locations, and are generally hard to obtain and sometimes can not be retrieved if you are hand writing tickets.

The computerized system will make your life easier without even being a computer wiz. The City of Dallas Parking Enforcement Section has used the Clancy Hand Held Ticket Writer for six plus years and has had few problems over all and has provided exceptional product support, along with on going hardware & software updates as they become available. It has been my experience that it is better to not purchase the units, but rather lease or obtain them by other contractual means.

During our first ticket processing term, our contractor insisted on purchasing the hand held ticket writers, which we found some what stagnated our ability to update along with newer technology since we were bound by contract and stuck with the old units. We learned that it was better for our needs, to not purchase the units so that we too were able to advance as improvements occurred.

We found that even our less motivated officers, who were raised on hand written tickets and had no computer background, increased their production levels with the use of the ticket writers, and they too stated that they would not like going back to hand written tickets after they tried the new system. Carrying the ticket writer has never been an issue to be concerned with.

Additionally, you mentioned that cost is a factor in your decision which is understandable, however, I would challenge you to research the revenue increases at locations that have issued tickets both ways, and to look at the increases that were experienced as a result of use of the ticket writers.

Feel free to contact me if you would like more information regarding this issue. My telephone number is 1-214-670-8484 and my e-mail address is

Good luck with your program.