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From: Kaye S. Beechum  
Subject: Re: Hand held devices Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:18 PM
It is much better overall for your City to purchase the handheld ticket writers. This is the age of technology and parking enforcement is fortunate to have the opportunity to participate.
Although at first it may appear to you that the only benefit to having this technology is to management of the overall enforcement process let me share with you my perspective.
First,if you are concerned that these units are difficult to operate and heavy to carry around let me assure you that they are no more difficult than any computer and most of us are exposed to computers on a daily basis in our personal and business dealings. Some of them may be heavier than others, some come in two pieces, the actual computer and the printer, some are more user friendly than others. I suggest that your City test a few of the different ones to see which will provide the service they need and which are the most acceptable to the officers. you might even contact other cities that are using handhelds to conduct some research. Check with Los Angeles, San Francisco, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills to name a few.
Secondly, these computers cut way down on the error factor, legibilty issues are eliminated and citation processing is improved. At first there is a learning curve but after a while the officers can write tickets just as fast and probably even faster. There are a lot of items that aare programed into the computer so names of streets,and cars and types of violations do not have to be handwritten over and over. the handheld can hold scofflaw information, stolen vehicle information, residential permit information and so on. Saves a lot of time to access this info.
The collection of citations is improved and the control of contesting is improved. From the management perspective it is more cost effective to process tickets using these computers.
I realize that it is human to resist change, I have been there but believe me when you become comfortable with these units you will wonder how you ever did without them.
If you have any further questions send me an email.