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From: Vista Innovations, Inc. (  
Subject: Eye Irritation: Urban/metropolitan parking structures, booths & garages Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:19 PM
Dirt, dust, pollen, smog and other eye irritants are common safety concerns in the parking industry. Employees working in parking booths, structures and garages located in urban and metrolpolitan settings may be exposed to these types of irritants.

Don't risk losing your employee for the day due to minor eye irritation, or worst yet, improper treatment of eye irritation by the rubbing of the eye. Solve minor eye irritation ON-SITE with the Vista EYESHOWER.

The Vista EYESHOWER is the only eyewash product on the market that is compact, portable, contains a 3X magnification mirror and drains away from the user. The 3X magnification mirror creates a focal point that helps to reduce anticipatory blinking, and, allows the user to see the eye being irrigated. The Vista EYESHOWER is particularly useful to individuals who may be suffering from a neck injury or arthritic neck condition because the user need not bend the neck to deliver the eyewash.

The Vista EYESHOWER can be purchased with the black nylon EYESHOWER Holster and carried on a standard utility belt, up to 2 1/4" wide.

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