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From: Stan Wolfson  
Subject: re: Internet payments Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:19 PM is the simplest and least expensive of the Internet payment systems.

Here’s how it works.

Ticket and notice printed with a payment web address, something like:

Save time and money pay online at:

(the /000002 is the client identifier – in this case a demo site)

At the secured site, the ticket information and amount is entered. The payer’s email and credit card information is entered next.

Two emails are automatically produced. One goes right back to the payer stating that the payment has been entered and a receipt will be sent from the parking department. The second email is sent to the parking department with all the information.

Next the parking office clears the credit card and enters the payment into whatever system they are currently using. A reply email is sent by removing the top of the original email.

Clancy Systems International, Inc. owns and provides the service without charge to our clients and only a small setup fee for non-clients.

For further information please visit our site at and click on demo. Please use your real email address and the credit card number 5454545454545454. I will send you a copy of the email our system produces.

Please call me if you have questions,
Stan Wolfson (303)759-4276