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From: Kaye S. Beechum  
Subject: Re: Bullet proof vests Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:19 PM
My name is Kaye Beechum and I have been a Parking Professional for over 30 years, here in California. Parking Enforcement Officers in the City of Losa angeles, City of West Hollywood and City of Beverly Hills do not wear bullet proof vests. They also carry no weapons.
since they are not responsible for detaining citizens it is not deemed necessary. They are given Training in Public relations and Handling of Hostile Citizens. Basically they are taught to deescalate or defuse a situation and when that is not possible they are to disengage.

Enforcement Officers who work at Los Angeles World Airports do wear bullet proof vests. The reason for this is that they work for the Police Department and have multiple responsibilities, they also are utilized as Security to prevent unauthorized access to specific parts of the airport. There is a history behind this special unit.

If you have any additional questions about officer safety or if you need training for your offficers feel free to contact me and/or check my website