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From: Arnon Efraty  
Subject: Cellular Vs In Car Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:08 PM
10% is only part of what you pay when using a mobile phone . In addition to the 10 % ( or 50 cents when using Mint or 25 cent with Verrus ) the driver also pays for the air time . The cost of air time (or two SMS ) is 20-30 cents per parking session or more . In other words for a short parking session (and 50% or parking session are less than 30 minutes ) the transaction cost is higher than the parking fees !! A frequent user will pay tens of dollars more per month when using his mobile phone for parking ,

As for the city , in most cases , the city pays 10% of the revenues to the mobile parking operator ,In addition enforcement requires extra communication cost and labor hours .

The additional enforcement cost , need for revenue share and loss of income will cause the city 20-30% reduction in net revenues .