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From: Karen  
Subject: Electronic vs Mechanical Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:11 PM
Sorry, I had to laugh!! Obviously you have overlooked that fact that electronic meters have often given time for all kinds of stuff including washers, pull tops, pennies and the list goes on and on.

I am waiting for the time when a manufacturer is willing to gurantee, IN WRITING, that their meter will absolutely NOT accept anything but the coins required. I'd also like to see the same gurantee as it relates to the accuracy of the AUDIT.

Mechanical and electronic both have their attributes. In my opinion, the main attribute of electronic meters is the ability to change rates more easily. I'm not yet ready to agree that it is less expensive. Why? After you pay the high dollar price for electronics, buy the expensive software, buy the expensive communicator device and train your folks . . .. what's the difference?????

Oh . .. also try to repair an electronic and compare the cost of replacement parts!!!!!!!!!

Does this mean that electronics should not be used or considered? Absoultely not!!! I am just saying, LET'S BE REALISTIC!!!!

This is a great forum and I'm happy to have the opportunity to express an opinion. It would be interesting to hear from other interested parties, especially USERS.

But like I said, this is only an opinion and everybody has one, hopefully!!!