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From: Kelly  
Subject: meters Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:11 PM
Be realistic . . . . every year there's a "new technology" . . . meters work best on street. New technologies require change of culture . . . training the municipal personnel . . . educating the public . . . adapting . . . etc. All this when there is a tried and true system offering a variety of payment options.

Advocates of new technologies are those attempting to sell the new technoligies. Parking managers want to rent their spaces availabe with as little trouble as possible.

I suggest you forget the "space age" parking ideas or rather "lack of them" . . . get yourself some good functioning parking meters and keep them in working order. Choose the payment options that work best for you. Then install a good enforcement program using well a trained enforcement team.

Someone is always trying to reinvent the wheel when we all know that round rolls best!!