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Subject: Re: Angle Parking - Increased Accident Risks? Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:17 PM
Dear John
Your situation is one that we are familiar with in Oak Park, Illinois.

In most cases, angle parking may increase parking capacity and still provide an acceptable degree of safety for pedestrian and vehicles alike. As with any challenge, careful attention must be given to property and public safety.

In angle parking, one of the initiatives that may help you in achieving such goals include: shorter pavement marking lengths, choosing appropriate angle for the stalls and reducing the speed limit in the adjacent traffic lane, installing appropriate signage that warn driver and pedestrian about sharing the roadway condition, and educating the driver through an effective marketing approach.

In most cases, a traffic planner/engineer or a parking practitioner should evaluate and recommend how to plan, recommend, implement and monitor the angle parking for your specific site.

You can reach me by e-mail if you have any questions at
Adolfo M. Benages, CAPP
Parking Services Manager
Village of Oak Park, Illinois