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From: Richard A. Matarangelo  
Subject: Handicap Parking Abuse Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:17 PM
As we all well know this is not a problem limited to LAX or just airports for that matter. Sadly, we see this time and time again in major cities across this country, New York, Washington, Philadelphia to name a few. Maybe it's time we took a good look at how we provide handicap parking. We should certainly make provisions to assist the truly handicapped motorist, but perhaps it shouldn't be free parking. By removing the no cost aspect, I believe we will also remove much of the incentive for others to abuse it. I know this would not be a popular move, but then neither is the prospect of handicapped motorists being unable to park in spaces designated for Handicapped Parking because they have been taken by some undeserving soul who simply wants a free space. What do you think?