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From: Philip L. Oropesa  
Subject: Re: Helix Design Wayfinding Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:19 PM
We are just putting the finishing touches on a 1380 space 7 floor facility. With this many spaces and levels too mutch is identification is not enough. Each floor is uniquely color coded with the floor identification numbers, stair landings and elevator lobbies coordinated with a unique color for the floor. Even the elevator floor buttons match the individual color of the floor. We also painted the floor number on every sheer wall surface in a large size (3'x4') so that they are visible from every point of ingress and egress on each floor of the garage.

Since the facility will be the main parking support structure for a 20 screen movie and entertainment complex, illuminated cases will display current movie posters (again by floor) as an added touch (i.e. elevator lobbies and stair landings on a floor will have display cases with the same poster).

One idea which we decided to pass on was to have a dispenser (like the ones at the butcher shop) at the elevator and stairs which would dispense a slip of paper with the floor ID.

Good luck!