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From: Greg Warnke  
Subject: On-street Parking for the Disabled Date: 5/16/2017 2:11:19 PM
The City of Colorado Springs, CO, operates 2380 on-street metered spaces. We have reserved 53 of the metered spaces for use by ADA patrons only. These spaces have been allocated at the corners of the block to allow easy access to pedestrial ramps, and have been spread throughout the downtown to cover the largest area possible.

Currently we charge the same rate for on-street ADA parking as we do for regular public on-street parking. However, there is no time restriction for the disabled as mandated by state law. It is our philosophy that by charging an equal rate we are reducing the amount of abuse that would occur if we were to offer these spaces for free.

Only several of our on-street spaces fully comply with ADA requirements. the crown of the street is generally too high to meet the 2% slope requirement. Nevertheless, the vast majority of these spaces were reserved at the request of business owners with disabled customers, or the customers themselves.

We have been asked to review our current policy and research what other cities are doing regarding on-street ADA parking. I would appreciate any information on other methods of handling this, and the pros/cons experienced of each.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Greg Warnke
Parking Administrator
City of Colorado Springs